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    Default West side of San Francisco Bay

    I guess this qualifies as a very short road trip - I drive it every day after work.

    Amid the bustle of Early morning commuter traffic on I-101, there stands a short trip overlooked by the commuting crowd - Thank Goodness!

    THis can be done from either end, but is best from North to south, about 7-8 AM.

    Get off 101 at embarcadero road heading east. Take the first right turn (e. bayshore road). Take it slow, nobody's going to rush you.........unlike the bumper-to-bumper traffic on 101 to your right, the Marsh on your left moves at a slower pace, showing fog, marshbirds, and subtle seasonal color changes. Pull over (to the left), if you like.........there's two minor parking areas, one before, one after the Animal control shelter. Take a deep breath of the rich saltmarsh air.

    Continue southerly on the Bayshore, crossing San Antonio Road. Bayshore takes a steep jog to the left before San Antonio, and to the right after, so take it slow.

    Take the first left off Bayshore (Officially Garcia Avenue, though most of us natives think of it as the northern part of Charleston) Look ahead at the first sculpture as you round the curve - three triangular curved polished pieces of metal that sometimes look like sails to me, sometimes like sharks teeth. Look closely - there are three, but sometimes, in some lights, they blend.

    Continue on the golf course. Look closely! On your right is hidden a sculpture that looks like a flock of seagulls.

    On the corner of Ampitheater and Charlston, is a sculpture that looks like an odd DNA helix, climbing to the sky.
    Continue on Charleston across Ampitheater. (on the left two odd pieces, one of which looks like a quacking cannon)

    Finally, you will first (on your right) see a man balancing on his hand, on a ball, balancing on a pole - a perfect metaphore for our busy Internet world out here. It's located on the Google campus. Finally, also on your left, Just before you reach Shoreline blvd (where you have to turn right if you don't want to run in circles...)You will see a tall sculpture of a man leaning out a window.

    All this, with beautiful greenery and peaceful driving, in the space of less than five miles........

    [Editor's Note: This is in the Mountain View area, <a href = " 3IL1I">click here<a/> for a map of the area.]

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    Default Excellent! A very cool short road trip!

    This is a perfect example of a short roadtrip! Thanks for sharing.

    One day soon, I will have to go and see it for myself!



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