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    Default San Fran to Vegas

    Hi - we are a group of approx 8 wishing to travel by motorbike from san fran to vegas around the first week of october 05. Can anyone please advise if a warm scenic route is possible around this time of year and whether or not we are being too ambitious allowing 3 full days riding for the trip. Thanks Graeme

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    Default Three Days Roundtrip?


    October may be the perfect road trip month for the SW area of the USA. Days are cooler but still quite pleasant and roads are generally warm and dry for travel.

    Virtually all of the cross-Sierra Nevada Mountain passes will be open. Tioga Pass (SR-120) is particularly striking.

    Is it three days roundtrip or three days one way? The distance can be covered in one full day each way so the answer would be yes in any case. The only real criteria is what degree of challenge are you looking for in the routes and how many side-trips you are interested in pursuing enroute.

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    take 120 through yosemite to 395 south to the death valley turn-off. through death valley to baker, then 15 to vegas.

    return trip take 395 all the way up to hghwy 50 thru south lake tahoe, over the mountains to frisco.

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    Would this path be opened the 1st and 2nd week in Nov?

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