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    Shaheen Ahmed Guest

    Default New York to Texas - what to see?

    Hi. I am moving to Houston and taking a road trip to there from NY. I was wondering if you have any reccommendations on what to see on the way? Thanks!

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    Default a few

    Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    Go through Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

    See Washington D.C.

    Of course, there are things to do & see in Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis.

    See some plantations & historic homes around Baton Rouge.

    Drive the coastal route into Texas - Biloxi & Gulfport Mississippi.

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    imported_spec Guest

    Default Nashville to NYC

    Looking for the fastest way to get to NYC from Nashville, TN. Any advice?

    Have gone via 40W to 81S to 78W to NJ Tpke into the city...any advice on a faster way to get there is appreciated. We will be a Penske rental.


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