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    Default Vegas hotels, advance booking?

    I am doing a tour of California in September and part of the trip will be three days in Vegas (thurs, fri and sat). I have searched various websites for accomodation and have come the conclusion that the cheapest way of booking a hotel room is to go direct to the hotels website!
    However, my question is this: Do I book now, do I book nearer the time or do I not book at all and turn up on the day?

    I want to know whether the price will change depending on when I book and am I likely to be dissapointed if I leave it to the last minute only to discover there are no rooms available (especially as I am going at the weekend).

    Any help greatly received. If there is a way of getting a discount on the quoted prices please let me know - unfortuantely I'm not a high roller!

    I am hoping to stay in either the Luxor, Bellagio or Mandalay Bay.


  2. Default Reservations

    First, check out this <a href = "">article<a/>!

    If I were going to Las Vegas, and I knew the dates, I would probably start searching for good deals online and make reservations. While there are thousands upon thousands of rooms available there, there ARE weekends when nice accommodations are hard to find.

    For the reasons Mark states in the above article, I tend NOT to plan things too tightly on a road trip, when I don't want to have to "make it" a given distance (or risk losing the cost of a reserved room).

    But that doesn't really apply in your case -- you know where you're going to be, and what dates, so as long as you can cancel with no (or little) penalty if your plans change, I'd go ahead and make reservations as soon as you find a smoking deal. If you've been checking prices in different places, you'll know what it is when you see it!

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