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    Default Vegas To San Franciso

    We are an Aussie Family planning a trip in April and have the majority planned except for the trip between Vegas and San Francisco. We have 3 free days,a rented car and wanted to stop at Yosemite NationaL park en route to San Francisco. After reading your forum that the trip via Death Valley is not an option during this time of the year, what do you suggest ? Also what will the conditions be at Yosemite mid April? Is it worth it or should this be bypassed ?

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    Default What is the problem with Death Valley in April?

    I am not sure what concerns you about Death Valley in April? It will be warm, but not yet hot. Anyway, maybe by then the main road will be re-opened (damaged during the flash floods a couple of months ago).

    The real problem is the accessibility to Yosemite from the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is likley, that the passes will still be closed in April, but you can still go south around the Sierras and stop by Yosemite on your way north. And yes, it is WORTH IT.

    On the western slope of the Sierras (after you leave Yosemite) there are some very cool gold mining era towns along <a href = "">CA-Hwy 49<a/> with plenty of cool inns and historical places.

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    Default Vegas to Yosemite

    Thanks for your prompt reply, however we are still "lost" on the best route to Yosemite from Vegas.

    We are spending a few nights at Fish Pond/Oakhurst and were originally planning to take Route 190 through Death Valley then via Mammoth Lakes but were advised that that the last part would be closed.

    Could you please advise the best way to get to Yosemite, we do have a spare day up our sleeve should we need to stop overnight. We have consulted the maps but are confused at which route to take.

    Thank you Lynette

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    Default Routes


    This subject has been covered extensively on this forum, if you want to read all of the postings, use the black search button and search under Death Valley or San Francisco -- but the quick version is this:

    1) CA-190 from Death Valley Junction to Furnace Creek was washed out in a flash flood in August. We did a field check yesterday and the road does not exist at this time. We expected them to be able to re-open by January, but there is no way for at least a few more months.

    2. In April, Tioga Pass (over the Sierras into Yosmite will still be closed due to snow).

    3) If you want to go via Death Valley your only reasonable route will be:

    Las Vegas to Pahrump via NV-160

    Pahrump to Shoshone via NV-372 (which turns into CA-178)

    CA-178 into the southern end of the Death Valley Park up to CA-190 at Furnace Creek

    Explore Death Valley (many side roads may still be closed)

    CA-190 to CA-178 (stop at the Trona Pinnacles on your way south)

    Proceed to Ridgecrest.

    At this point you can do a variety of scenic drives (either west on CA-178 to Lake Isabella) or (south to the Randsburg area)

    In any case, you will need to skirt the southern edge of the Sierra Nevada mountains and make you way to Bakersfield and then north on CA-99 up to Fresno where you can join the Gold Trail and head up the Yosemite area and the Oakhust area. From there, you can head a variety of ways to San Francisco.

    One other point, there is no road that crosses the Sierras west of the Mammoth Lakes area. If you want to visit this area on your way to Yosemite -- you will need to proceed up (north) to Lake Tahoe and use US-50 to cross the mountains before turning south (along the western slope of the Sierras) and back to Oakhurst.

    Hope this helps

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    We had tried following the past forums but had lost ourselves on the best route.

    Your detailed description has been fantastic and it all now makes sense.

    Thanks again.


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