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    chuck d. Guest

    Default a decision,I think.

    well I think we may have made a decision. Thank you mark for your advice, I will make your suggested trip one day. But for now I think we drive entirely to grand teton and yellowstone hitting badlands, black hills and mt rushmore in between. Does that sound like too much for 12 or 13 days roundtrip? I have wanted to see the tetons since the first time I saw a pic and we both love wildlife so yellowstone(the serengetti of america) seemed a no-brainer. what do you think? thanks for your input, always appreciated and happy road tripping!

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    Some additional suggestions for that area -- Wounded Knee, SD, Medicine Wheel Natl Historic Site (in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming), Little Bighorn Battlefield (the Lakota called it the "Greasy Grass") and Pompey's Pillar (a Lewis & Clark landmark). Also, old Fort Phil Kearny, Fort C.F. Smith. Devil's Tower is also a worthwhile stop (who knows, you might meet E.T.).

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    chuck d. Guest

    Default thanks

    sounds great, do you think I'm getting in over my head with only 12 days of round trip travel time though? afterall I do want to enjoy what I'm seeing and not be a tourist who races from point to point and never lets anything sink in.

  4. Default Hard to say

    That's hard for me to say -- I would probably split my time differently than you, which is as it should be. I'd choose the most interesting stops (to me), plan a loose timeframe so you can keep on track, and then stay flexible enough to add some of the other places if time permits when you are in those areas. At the same time, you might see something interesting along the way nobody thought of (to mention). You want to stop for those when you see them -- sometimes the unexpected places turn out to be the best ones! Bob

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    chuck d. Guest

    Default thanks

    thanks for all your advice bob I really appreciate it!

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    chuck d. Guest

    Default very disappointing

    well unfortunatly at the moment it looks like we may have to put our westward bound trip on the back burner. We are now thinking of somthing closer to home, like maybe niagra falls and great lake area, or northeast of nyc. any suggestions? If we don't go in mid to late spring we would go in late summer. thanks for your help.

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    Default where are you from?

    Sorry butting in here - but where is your starting point?

    Niagara Falls, Vermont, New Hampshire - lots of nice areas.

    What about the Maritime provinces of Canada? A trip to Nova Scotia and / or New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island?

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    chuck d. Guest


    No problem at all, I welcome all the advice I can get. We are from tampa,fl. This thread was part of another thread titled "advanced road tripper". We've never been to the great lakes region so that was an intriguing(?) idea.



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