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    Default should I book rooms?

    I am planning a trip between Seattle and either San Francisco or Los Angeles. Possibly this summer. We plan to use highway 101, following the coast as far as possible. As many of the towns seem to be holiday destinations, should we book rooms in advance, or will it be ok to find a room as we go along?



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    Default Reservations represent a state of mind


    I rarely book reservations for any road trip (except for visits to favorite inns along the way). Whether reservations are needed or not is more of a perception of comfort rather than an objective requirement most locales and travel periods. For a short discussion about this perception question, <a href = "">click here<a/>.


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    Default Cheers

    Thanks Mark

    I know that if I were doing a similar thing here in the UK I would just go, and then look for a bed each night once I was where ever I wanted to be. I just wanted to check that if you are not bothered about exactly where you stay (cleanliness is my only criteria) then you can find somewhere to stay.

    Thanks once again


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    Default problems with booking rooms

    The problem with booking a room is that you have to plan on if you are actually going to get to that city/town that night. I considdered booking a room on my move from Washingotn to Arizona. The plan was to stop in Modesto for the night. Good thing I didn't, because I got no further than Yreka before exaustion and time caught up with me. So, unless you know you are going to be there for a few days, reservations are not advised- mainly for the fact you don't know where you are going to finally have to stop for the night.
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