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    I've been dying to drive down to Redding or San Fran to get an In-N-Out burger and just take some time for myself. I've done the drive to Los Angeles over 50 times in the past three years, but I've never taken another road besides I-5. I wanna be able to get to San Fran in one day, but how do I get around the Passes and the Snow. About how long is it from Seattle to San Fran if I take a coast highway? And will I encounter any snow along the way?? I REALLY want to take this roadtrip to get away and especially since I have a 4-day weekend, it might be my only chance this month. I might have more q's later, but right now I wanna say Thank You in advance.

    Take care,

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    Given your parameters of wanting to travel from Seattle to San Franciso in one day -- the only route that is even possible is I-5 and I-5's route goes through a couple of passes and this time of year (especially this year) you are going to see and probably drive in snow. If the roads are clear, dry and reasonably free of congestion the fastest you can possibly travel this distance is 14 hours.

    If you drive the coastal routes, you need to figure an addtional 6-8 hours to cover the distance. Snow is not likely, but certainly possible along the coastal routes as well -- the real challenge will be the heavy rainfall expected over the next week or so along the coast.

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    Northern California along I-5 is beautiful. I know you have travelled it alot in the past but I just love the scenery. I travelled from Grant's Pass in Oregon all the way to San Diego and it took me 17 hours of straight driving.

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    Thank you both for the responses!

    I was so hoping that this trip would be adventurous and without having to take I-5 down, but if there's no chance of avoiding the snow, I'm gonna bail out.

    It takes me 9 hours to get to Redding from Seattle, but with the snow it'd take me atleast a few more hours and I'm not willing to risk the chance of an accident if it's a "hush hush" trip.

    I agree with you David, the drive from Southern Oregon to California is breathtaking. I think that's why I've always driven down to LA as opposed to flying. Plus, it's so meditational for me.

    I've driven through the snow last Dec., but that's because I had to take the trip, not just for the hell of it.

    *shrugs* Ok, well thank you for the information. You both helped with my decision.

    Take care!

    P.S. Happy New Year!

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