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    Default What to do where to go- high school trip

    Hi. I am graduating in may, and two of my girl friends and I want to go on a senior trip. We live in Colorado- (Denver) and really can only be gone at the most two- three weeks. We all have jobs and can't afford to be gone any longer. We have no clue where to go in that time frame. We sort of want to go to the ocean, but we have all been to California and are kind of sick of it. We especially want to hit the fun random spots in the US like the Mystery Spots and the Biggest Ball of Yarn (just an example) Our itinerary could be based on how many fun random spots we find. We eventually want to stay somewhere for like 3 to four days just to relax and have fun, so that has to be considered. Is this even possible to do? Where should we end up? Should we have a guy friend go with us for safety? We all will be 18, and are going to go sometime in mid July. Are there places that won't be scorching to go to? We could go to a lake or somewhere as well. We are pretty open. We are all spontanious people but we need some sort of set plan to give our parents. Thank you for your help.

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    Why not go up to Jackson Wyoming (as your base for a few days) & see all of GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK and YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK.

    You'll meet lots of interesting folks & tourists from all over - which can be fun.

    It will take 3-5 days to see all of Yellowstone & area. Reservations in that area need to be made SOON.

    You could then drive out the northeast exit of Yellowstone on one of the, if not the most scenic drive in the USA - "Beartooth Highway". To "Chief Joseph Scenic Highway" to Cody, Wyoming.

    Work your way across to see DEVIL'S TOWER near Sundance, Wyoming.

    See DEADWOOD and LEAD, South Dakota. Watch a wild west "street gunfight showdown", see "Calamity Jane", see the gravesite at the Deadwood Cemetery of Calamity Jane & Wild Bill Hickok, take a mine tour.

    Then in that same area, go to MOUNT RUSHMORE and CRAZY HORSE MEMORIAL. Also very interesting in the same area is MAMMOTH SITE and CUSTER STATE PARK, South Dakota.

    After another 3-5 days in that area, you'll be ready to head home to Denver again.

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    Thank you for your suggestions. I will relay this on to my friends- it looks like we will either hit Texas or Florida, and thank you Gen for your tips on how to stay safe. I will probably have more questions as we get into the nitty gritty, but till then, THANK YOU!- Penny

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    Good luck on planning and keep us updated!


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