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    Default Field report

    Hi everyone!

    I just came back from a 2 weeks trip to the south west with my cat Victor. I made Montreal-Phoenix in only 4 days using mainly I-40 and I-44. I don't like super highways very much, I usually prefer back roads, but it was all right. I couldn't wait to get out of the cold and I wanted to make it fast. I thought the stretch of road between Amarillo and Phoenix was the most interesting, because it is so much different from home. I lost a few hours because when I was in Alburquerque I realized I credit card at a gas station in Santa Rosa...Soooo typical of me:-)

    I had lots of fun with Bob and his sister in Phoenix, we visited the ruins of Ft Bowie, he brought me to Seven Springs, we ate Mexican food (we don't have lots of Mex restaurants up here), went to Prescott and Jerome, we even had a drink in a saloon!

    I loved it so much, I had to come back!:-) I was supposed to head north to Flagstaff and Utah after Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, but it was snowing and it was cold and...well you know, I thought I would be stuck in the snow for months when I get back in Quebec so... I went back to Phoenix!:-)

    I visited Tucson, Nogales, Douglas and some other border towns follwing the Mexican border, strange ambiance there but I loved it. I also went to Tombstone to play the perfect tourist (and ate lots of fudge from the candy store...hum a little too much actually)

    Victor was thrilled and so was I! He made quite an impression on a lot of people... When I was carrying him in his little bag, no one knew I had a cat in there and they thought they were hearing voices. If you ever hear about people who heard miaws while eating at the restaurant or while they were shopping, well, at least YOU'll know they're not crazy!

    Then I went to White Sands National Monument. We both loved the place. It was a dream come true for me, and it was probably like a huge litter pan for Victor. He was rolling around in the sand and digging holes everywhere:-). I went through rural parts of Oklahoma and Texas using back roads, through cotton plantations and ghost towns.

    Then I used interstates to go through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and NY. I was stuck in a big snow storm in the Cleveland area, lots of cars stranded everywhere, but everything was okay with me, I just drove more carefully. After all, I'm from Quebec and it was just another snow storm right?:-)

    I can't wait to go back!


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    Default Thanks for the field report


    Thanks for the news -- what happened to the plan to swimming at Black's Beach near San Diego?



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