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    Default places to stay on a coast to coast road trip

    hey there,

    i am getting ready to drive from new york to san francisco via the southern route. heading through new orleans, texas, etc.

    i am a guy traveling with a buddy of mine, and we feel safe crashing anywhere - rest stops, camping, etc. we are wanting to figure out other options besides the whole motel 6 thing.

    does anyone have any good ideas or places they've stayed along that route? we are open to b&b's, cool hostels, farms where you work a day for room and board, etc. we even heard there's a service where people offer up couches in their homes or something like that.

    not necessarily looking for the cheapest option (although i have no problem with cheap!), mostly looking for the most interesting experience while driving cross country.



  2. Default In Arizona

    Here are a couple of suggestions for southern Arizona; first, camping at Cochise Stronghold State Park near Benson. It was the preferred home of the great Apache leader, and the place where a couple of very brave Army officers walked into the midst of the Indians to try to make peace after ten years of war. It is a wonderland of rocks set in a cleft in a range of mountains (the Dragoons), and the Apache chief himself is buried somewhere nearby. No one alive today knows the exact spot!

    Or, in Bisbee, try the Shady Dell Trailer Park -- you can stay the night in a vintage travel trailer (a group of them forms a "motel." Lots of fun.

    Both of these attractions can be found on Google! Bob

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