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    We're planning on driving from Atlanta to Aspen to Massachusetts in January. Wondering which route would be safer in winter: 40-25-70 or 24-70. Would Oklahoma City or Kansas City (depending on route) be a good place to stay mid-way? Leaving Aspen to Massachusetts is it best to use 70 or 80 in winter? Thank you for any advice!

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    This is a subject that is often discussed on this board -- If you want to read the breadth of the information, use the Search function (gray button) use I-70 as the keyword and search all threads.

    But my opinion is (nearly) always to use I-70 in the Colorado Rockies (with the caveat that you check the local road condition report about 2 hours before you leave).

    Given all of the choices on the west-bound leg, I would certainly use I-24 to I-70


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