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    Default East or West Coast and any helpful hints

    Hi, I'm a 26 year old English bloke looking to tour a bit of America in the Summer, probably for about 3 weeks. Not sure if I will be doing it on my own or if any mates can get time off work to come with me. Am stuck between deciding which coast to visit as have relatives in Conneticut, I would like to visit NYC, Florida and New Orleans. However, I also really want to visit LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Yosemite NP and the Grand Canyon. Any plus/minus points to consider for each coast? What other sites should I really make an effort to see? Any tips or things I should know about planning a road trip? Is it true American girls wilt and the dulcit tones of an English accent

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    Default East or West


    If its majestic scenery you want to see then you have to get out west in my opinion. For an Englishman I would recommend the following as things to see that are alien to our scenery.

    Grand Canyon (of course)
    Giant Sequoia Trees
    The Rocky Mountains
    The red rock country of Utah

    To mention but a few.

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    Default west

    To see scenery - go WEST. To see big cities & your friend, go east. Both can be nice trips, but I prefer west.

    Do we wilt at an English accent?? Well, not me personally... (ha!)

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