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    Default Trip to meet the people - not for the sites.

    Hey - 2 guys planning a trip to the states for 1 month this summer. We are not interested as such in the tourist sites, but want instead to see America as it is, and meet the average american. Do you have any suggestions on routes(most important), how to do it - rent car etc?, and maybe an idea about the budget?

    On beforehand thanks, TC.

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    Default What is "an average american"?

    An average American? See America "as it is"? What are you talking about? There are hundreds of suggestions in this forum for routes and budget information too. What kinds of things interest you?


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    Default folks are everywhere

    You'll still want to hit the National Parks. Lots of "average Americans" will be there, but it is the best way to get a feel for the various scenery across the country.

    I wouldn't consider national parks the "touristy" thing.

    I would consider the "world's largest ball of twine" or "Wall Drug" the "touristy" thing.

    Sounds like you'll just want to stop at local shopping plazas, restaurants, bars to meet and talk to folks. Gas stations in the country, truck stops, that sort of thing.

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