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    I am moving a '97 Lincoln from Florida to Los Angeles, and would like a responsible companion to share gas and a little driving (if possible). Leaving Florida Dec. 15 (Orlando/Melborne area - thereabouts).

    (Editor's Note:This poster added more information on the 24th:)

    I'm driving from Florida in a '97 Lincoln (great condition) on December 15th to California (Los Angeles, but I can be flexible). I would like a companion who'd be willing to share a little gas$ and spell me at the wheel ocassionally. I'm a middle-aged, responsible male driver (perfect record) and will probably be on a safe cruise control most of the way. Any takers?

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    Welcome to the Forum Pastor!

    Unfortuantly, Ed's post is from 2004, so I suspect he is well beyond you at this point.

    If you are looking for help to get to a specific location, by all means post your details, and you just might find someone else heading that way.

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