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    Default Advice! Atlanta to L.A. over Thanksgiving. I-20/I-10 or I-40??

    I am moving from Atlanta to L.A. over Thanksgiving weekend. I need to make the trip in 3-4 days, so there is little time for, or interest in, much sight-seeing. Yahoo and Mapquest disagree on whether I should take I-20 to I-10 through Dallas and southern NM and AZ, or I-40 through Little Rock, Oklahoma City, and northern NM and AZ. Anyone have any advice? The mileage difference appears to be less than 30 miles between the routes, so that is not a big deal. The things I am concerned with are: traffic, weather, elevation changes (my SUV may struggle with the trailer), overall ease and simplicity of route, distance between gas stations in uninhabited areas, and all other things being equal, what of interest I might see along the drive or with brief stops. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Most Direct

    It would seem to me, that the most direct would be the I-20 and I-10 combination. There is considerable attention given to the chance of encountering ice storms around Thanksgiving on your two planned routes elsewhere on this forum. Generally on either of these routes, you will find fuel stations every 30-50 miles at a minumum.

    Given your time constraints I wouldn't look for many scenic side-trips. But once you pass the likely ice zones, there are a bunch of natural attactions in New Mexico, Arizona and California you could consider. Do a word search for either or all of these states on this forum for some ideas.


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