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    Default Big expedition queries!

    We are a group of 5 british guys planning a east to west road trip in summer 2005, its going to be a fast paced, whistle stop tour of the USA, but we could do with some sound advice from the residents. Here are some questions we have.
    .How much are your cheapest motels?
    .The duration of our trip is between 4 to 6 weeks, what sort of budget shall we have bearing in mind we're going to end up in Vegas baby.
    .We know you guys are a bit up tight about letting people in your borders, what sort of time frame are we looking at to recieve tourist visa, or do we need one?
    .And what is the point of baseball??
    Cheers Dudes

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    Default baseball??

    4-6 weeks is better than nothing at all! Happy planning!

    You mention east to west -- If this is "one-way", consider your rental vehicle will be much more costly. You'll have to check that out through the rental agencies. Be sure to get unlimited mileage. The extra insurance per day on the rental vehicle adds up too.

    Fuel is expensive right now - plan on say $2.00 US$ per gallon to be safe. I'm assuming you'll have a larger vehicle like an S.U.V. or Mini-Van? Figure on 15-25 miles per gallon on the highway to figure out your mileage.

    Motels/Hotels can vary greatly depending on the part of the country & how far outside a big city. Cheapest (dirtiest) could be $40 (very rare & "in the middle of nowhere") - but most "cheaper" big-name franchises with clean decent rooms are around $80 - $100 per night.

    You can buy a small "cooler" once you get here at a WAL-MART or K-MART or other "department store" to keep some water, juice, fresh fruit.

    Stop occasionally in the towns to pick up some things at a Grocery Store. This will give you some healthy choices for snacks along the way and help cut costs. Average restaurant meals could range from $5 to $15 & way way up if you want fancier.

    You'll want to see many of the National Parks. This is a good way to see much of the various scenery across the country. Buy a "National Parks Pass" at your first park entry. It is $50 and pays your entry into ALL of the parks and national monuments. Some parks are $20 each so it quickly pays for itself. It expires in one year.

    Hey! If you're money's all gone by the time you get to Vegas -- you're probably better off (ha!).

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    Default Budgetting and visas


    To help with budgetting your trip, checkout

    If all you are doing is spending 6 weeks in the USA on holiday you can travel under the visa waiver program. checkout

    for more info.

    I hope that this helps


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    if u want to find the point of baseball, u absolutely hav to go to boston. actually go there no matter wat. u prob couldnt get sox tickets (almost impossible) but just to hang out near fenway is an experience. o, and btw, wat is the point of soccer?

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    Oh don't go to Boston! Come to New York. If you're interested in the point of baseball, you have to go the 161st in the Bronx; it's a pilgrimage. Yankee stadium, home to the greatest baseball team in the history of man.
    Give me a call and we'll show you around.

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