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    Default Outwest roadtrip

    Me and my boyfriend live in Kentucky and were going to go on a roadtrip that will last most of the summer. We are going to go the Northern route to washington then down through california and take the southern route home. We have a low budget and will be camping. We have some idea od places we want to go but are open to suggestions. If any one has any tips or suggestions on anything please tell me.

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    Default Cheap camping

    Check out " lodging for the budget traveller" in the Gear Up section of the forum.


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    Default national parks!!!

    Be sure to check

    Find out where all the national parks are along your route. This is the BEST way to see the beautiful varying scenery across the country. The parks also have very good campgrounds for $15-$20 per night. A National Parks Pass is a good investment if you are going to 3-4 or more. It is $50 and gets you entry into all the parks (not campgrounds though), and expires in one year.

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