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    Default Please help me plan my trip (LA/Grand Canyon/Vegas/San Fran)


    My girlfriend and I are flying to LA next Sunday. We are hiring a small RV and then spending 25 days on the road. Any tips on places to see/routes to take would be much appreciated.

    Here is the plan so far. ( I know 25 days isn't 4 weeks but you get the idea).
    Week 1: LA, driving down coast to San Diego.
    Week 2: Palm Springs, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon.
    Week 3: Las Vegas and Yosemite.
    Week 4: San Francisco and back to LA along the coast.

    Is this a reasonable trip for 25 days? Where are the good places to visit on the way and good rv sites. What parts of Yosemite are driveable in early December?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default The only real problem is the access to Yosemite

    Your route is pretty doable, but the pairing of Las Vegas and Yosemite is a little problematic. CA-Hwy 120 over Tioga Pass is closed due the normal winter closure. There are a number of route suggestions for reaching Yosemite from Las Vegas this time of year elsewhere on this Forum. But basically, you need to either go north to US-50 (via Lake Tahoe) or South via Bakersfield area and then north.

    Yosemite National Park's west entrance is open.


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    Yes, the Vegas-Yosemite leg will be problematic, but not without decent options. Taking US 395 up to US 50 is quite scenic, and going west via CA 58 and then north on 99 takes you pretty close to Sequoia National Park. Yosemite's two main entrance roads-120 and 140, both take you into the valley. Though considered "all season" routes, snow in the Sierra Nevada Mtns is always a possibilty. I've mentioned this before, but Grand Canyon will be COLD, bring your coats! If you don't already have one, think about buying a National Park Pass--there are quite a few places you can use it along your route: if you're in San Diego, you can pick one up at Cabrillo National Monument. It costs $50, but considering both Yosemite and Grand Canyon charge $20, you'll get your money's worth with a stops at a couple more NPS locations (Sunset Crater or Walnut Canyon in AZ? Joshua Tree, Death Valley or Sequoia in Ca?) 25 days? As always, it depends on what you like to do, and how much you like to drive...any specific sights or activites you have in mind?

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    Dear Leyton,

    Your roadtrip idea sounds excellent, though it is important to try not to cram too much in on your trip. Las Vegas and Yosemite in one go? (snip...) It is much better to take route 101 along the Californian coast. In fact, I have a small chalet in Santa Cruz. We should meet up, I would really like to meet you and your Girlfriend. I could show you some sights (snip...)


    L. Zachariah Jim

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