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    I'm planning a road trip, leaving in a week or so. I'll be going from Los Angeles to New York, and then back. My goal is to be in New York a day or two before Thanksgiving. I also don't want to drive the same route twice. Timeframe is about a month at the most, back in Los Angeles maybe around the 2nd week of December.

    I was thinking about trying to drive through Midwest part of America on the way out, and then swing through the South on the way back. Specifically, I was thinking about shooting up to Salt Lake City (via Vegas, Area 51, and Zion National Park) and then across I-80 for awhile. After that, I haven't found anything too compelling except for a show by a local band in Indiana that I want to see.

    On the way back: Red Bank, NJ; Graceland; Jacksonville, NC (hanging with my buddy stationed there); Athens, GA, New Orleans; Austin, TX; the Makers Mark distillery in Kentucky; and some other stuff. Also, I want to go to the four corners where you can stand in four states at one time.

    Will winter weather prohibit me from driving I-80? Would Route 66 or I-70 be better alternatives to avoid getting trapped in bad weather? Any recommendations or thoughts? I've already been to Death Valley and the Grand Canyon (although I'd love to stop in Flagstaff, I like that town).

    Thanks for any advice. Can't wait to get out of town!

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    This question (the part about winter weather) is a frequent question this time of year -- please run a search and read the many other responses posted about it. If you use the word "flexibility" as a search term, there is a post I wrote on 10/30 (I think) that will directly answer your question.

    The best way to get to Four Corners (given your itinerary) would be from I-10 as you come west from Austin, take US285 north from Pecos, TX to Espanola, NM, then US84 and US64 west to the monument. My first choice would be US285 all the way to US64 at Tres Piedras, but US64 between Tres Piedras and Tierra Amarilla is subject to winter storms as it goes over the mountains there. US84 is a better all-weather choice in that regard.

    Sounds like a fun trip -- good luck with the planning. If you have additional questions, ask away! Bob

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks Bob! I've got my route planned out. It's a little different as I'm avoiding the north entirely - I have a small car and I don't really want to risk getting caught up in snow or high winds.

    I'm blogging my trip, if anyone wants to see. Thanks to your site, I've been able to find some wifi stops along the way. URL is I start tomorrow!

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