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    Default Houston - Chicago - 10 Days of Christmas

    We are an exiled Scottish couple who are looking to go to Chicago from Houston for a 10 day roadtrip. BUT Where should we go through, what is there to see. We love cities but also really miss the scottish rolling hills.

    I look forward to your suggestions

    Lester & Celia

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    Default A slight difference of geography

    Scottish Hills... Hmmmm that would be a tall order. Even the Texas Hill Country would be a stretch. You are lucky to live in Texas --- because there is an incredible web resource based there. And it just so happens that this week there are a couple of featured road trips in the <a href = "">Texas Hill Country<a/>

    But you really wanted to go to Chicago, so... on the way to the Windy City -- you might consider a side trip into Arkansas with a stop at Eureka Springs and then wander along the Buffalo National River preserve before heading north.

    St. Louis and the Arch -- hard to pass that up. If you like Margaritas -- you have got to stop by <a href = "">Vivian's<a/a. in St Charles.

    Just a few ideas.

  3. Default Scotland in America

    I visited Aberdeenshire last November (loved it) -- and I was amazed at how much the rolling farmlands there reminded me of my family's home state of Indiana! Give it a try -- it's not going to be green in December -- but it'll definitely be rolling!

    I don't think it is any accident there are a lot of Scots in Indiana (and the other mid-west states) -- the land reminded them of home! The only thing missing will be the sheep! Bob

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