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    Default Morgan Hill to Conyers

    I'm moving to Conyers, GA in February and want to drive there so my family can come with me and fly home. I plan to take a week or less. Can we do it? What can we see along the way? We are "cheap-hotel" staying people and rather adventurous, needing nothing fancy. We don't want to spend alot of time detouring becuase we want to get there, but we'd like to have some fun along the way. No clubs or bars because my little sis is only 15. We are in the beginning stages of planning and have no iodea which roads are best even. Any help appreciated!

  2. Default I-40

    The most direct route is I-40, and you'll spend 3 nights on the road if you drive 10 hour days and don't stop too much. Stretch it out to 4 or 5 days and you can take your time!

    By far the most popular attraction on this route is the Grand Canyon, only about 60 miles north of your route from Williams AZ -- you can easily plan a day or more there, but can see a little of it from the rim with an afternoon. I recommend the IMAX film in Tusayan -- you'll get some great (film) views of the Canyon and feel like you are IN it. If cost is not a deterrent, I also recommend the air tour, but it is about $75 per person for a 40 minute flight. Worth it? Absolutely, but for many, the cost is prohibitive.

    Your second night on the road (on a three night schedule) will get you to Amarillo, TX. Try the "Big Texan" for dinner -- take the Lakeside exit and double back about 1 mile along the northside frontage road. This is not diet food -- no California grill-style selections HERE. This is TEXAS. Beef. It's what's for dinner! The prices are reasonable for a steakhouse -- about what you'd pay anywhere else.

    Memphis is also on your route... Graceland, anyone?

    Happy planning. Bob

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