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    Default From D.C. to L.A.

    Hi all,
    this will be my first and farthest road trip. I'm moving to LA and would like to know a couple things...
    1.) Which route is best in terms of scenery?
    2.) Which route is safest?
    3.) Which route is quickest?
    Does one route include all 3? I hear Route 66 is nice. Also, any advice on places to stay? I'm packing all my belongings and don't want my car to be broken into. THanks

  2. Default I-70

    I would use I-70 for the best scenery, and I think you will find that none of the routes is much faster than any other.

    I don't find any interstate route to be "safer" than another -- this lies more in how you approach it, and your own habits and reactions than in any external factors (shameless plug: see the "rules" of defensive driving on this website for more information!).

    In the same way, there aren't too many really "dangerous" places. You can find decent and safe lodging in most areas -- and almost any place can be subject to crime and theft. Just take common sense precautions wherever you're at -- park in well-lighted areas, etc.

    The only places I can think of off hand that I'd personally be wary of along the I-70 corridor are East St Louis and some areas of Aurora, CO -- but I'd bet you can find safe places to stay even in those locations if you pay attention and are careful, especially if you stick to the areas close to the highways.

    Natural break points for overnights on this route fall near Indianapolis, Kansas City or Topeka, Grand Junction and Barstow -- or, you could make it into LA in 4 days total if you drive a bit farther each day. Bob

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