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    I am meeting family at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in July 2005. I plan on flying to Las Vegas and getting a rental car for my road trip.
    I will stop at Hoover and Lake Meade but would like to know of any other places to visit enroute. I could be on the road 2 nights if there is enough worth stopping to see.
    I will be leaving the Canyon from the North Rim and would like to know what to see on my return to Las Vegas, assuming I can go a slightly different way back. I would consider 2 nights on the road back as well.
    Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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    Default I just did a similar route


    Since our editorial offices are in Las Vegas -- the north rim of the Grand is part of my backyard. I just did a two-night road trip that included a stop at the Grand. Click here for our field report to the Grand, Bryce, Cedar Breaks and Snow Canyons

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    Default So much to see!

    There is so much to see and do in the area! With only one night coming and going, I would suggest spending one night in Springdale, Utah which at the entrance to Zion National Park. Well worth a couple of days if you have them! Take I-15 to a little past St. George, Utah then Hwy 9 to Zion. Exit the park on Hwy 9 to Mt. Carmel Junction. Then take Hwy 89 and Alt. 89 to the North Rim.

    When you exit the park you can take slightly different route by going back on Alt. 89 but before you reach Kanab, Utah take 389 and 59 back to Hurricane, Utah. The scenery is a little different. You will pass buy Pipe Springs National Monument which is about the early Mormon Pioneers. St. George might be a good place to spend the night on the way back. Near by is Snow Canyon State Park which really is a very interesting and scenic park.

    On the way back to Las Vegas you might want to make a short detour to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

    If you had more time in the area there is Bryce Canyon National Park, Scenic Hwy 12, Glen Canyon National Recreational area & Lake Powell.

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    Default Zion & Bryce

    First of all my experience:<BR><BR>
    October 2003<BR>
    Day 1:<BR>
    Leaving Las Vegas at morning.<BR>
    (I15 to St George and a few later took the Hwy 9)<BR>
    I spent the afternoon in Zion NP. In that time i hiked two short and easy trails ("Esmerald Pools" and the paved way to "The Narrows").<BR>
    I slept in the parking, because the camping was full.<BR> There are many places on springdale to sleep.<BR>
    Day 2:<BR>
    The night was terrible cold so I got up a 6am and went to see the Sweeping Rock.<BR>
    Going back to the parking, i took the car and went to Bryce Canyon.<BR>
    (Following Hwy 9, turning north Hwy 89, turning right to Hwy 12)<BR>
    I spent the afternoon at Bryce Canyon and slept in a very comfortable Motel(Harold's Place&Restaurant) in the Hwy89-Hwy12 intersection.<BR>
    Day 3:<BR>
    I drove up to the Grand Canyon North Rim.<BR>
    (Hwy89 and Hwy89A)<BR>
    I spent the day there.<BR>
    I drove up to Washington(near St. George) and slept there.<BR>
    (Hwy89A and Hwy59)<BR>
    Day 4:<BR>
    I drove all the day to go to Death Valley (crossing Las Vegas).<BR><BR>

    If you take advantage of having a lot more daylight hours you could:<BR>
    Day 1:<BR>
    - LV->Zion<BR>
    - Visit Zion<BR>
    - Zion->MtCarmel(5-10 miles) or Zion->Somewhere near bryce(60 miles)<BR>
    (I really recommend Harold's Place. There are very modern wooden cabins with heat and cool air, the people there is very friendly and the food is so good)<BR>
    Day 2:<BR>
    - Visit Bryce Canyon<BR>
    (The really important thing in Bryce is to visit Sunrise and Sunset Vista Points, they are just amazing. The other vista points of the park can be avoided)<BR>
    - Drive from Bryce to Grand Canyon North Rim.(160 miles)<BR>
    - If you have time visit it. Either sleep there and visit on next morning.<BR>
    Day 3:<BR>
    - Finish the visit<BR>
    - Drive back to LV<BR>


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    Default Sedona and points south

    I just returned from a hiking trip at Bryce and Zion and Snow Canyon so am looking to see other places. I am meeting my family for a hike down from the north rim, 2 night stay at Phantom Ranch, and hike out the south rim where we collapse for a night at a cabin.

    The next day, we hop on the park shuttle back to the north rim, where I will stay one night and others may camp a few more. I hoped to take a slightly different route back to Las Vegas. Is Sedona doable from the North rim?? My sense is that driving distances are considerable.

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    Default Some other ideas

    It is 240 miles (approx. 5 1/2 - 6 hours of driving time...depending on if you get stuck behind a slow motorhome!) from the N. Rim to Sedona. Keep in mind that 155 of those miles you will have just done the day before from the S. Rim back to the N. Rim. Then it's another 285 miles from Sedona to Las Vegas (approx. 4 1/2 - 5 hours)

    What about Lake Powell? Have you ever spent any time there? From the N. Rim to Page, AZ is only 120 miles but you are still looking at 4 hours of driving time. Then it's 275 miles (about 5 hours driving) from Page, AZ to Las Vegas, NV. The half day float trip on the Colorado River was the highlight of our trip. The tour of the Upper Antelope Slots Canyon was well worth the time. Also in the area is the short 3/4 mile hike to Horseshoe Bend and there are always the lake boat tours. The lake is low because of drought but it's still a beautiful area.

    There is alway the Kolob Section of Zion(just off I-15 below Cedar City) and Cedar Breaks National Monument.

    One night just doesn't give you a lot of choices.


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    Peggy Guest


    Any suggestions if I fly to Phoneix and then drive to GC?
    WHat are other GC gateway cities, besides Las Vegas?

    I need to get out a map!

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    Default SE Arizona & Phoenix

    Two of RTA's most able field correspondents live in the greater Phoenix area (Bob Schaller and <a href = "">Gerald Thurman<a/>) and both have written field reports about road trip routes in this region. Three places you might consider would be the Kartchner Caverns State Park near Benson, the
    <a href = "">Tombstone<a/> area and the rain forests in the Chiricahua Mountains at the extreme southeast section of the state. Of course, Saguaro National Park near Tucson is amazing and the drive up to the top of Mt. Catalina is very, very cool.

    You could explore the <a href = "">twistiest highway<a/> in America -- US-191.

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    Default Routes and mileages

    This will give you an idea.

    Las Vegas to N. Rim and back to Las Vegas 530 miles

    Las Vegas to Sedona, N. Rim and back to Las Vegas is 790 miles.

    Phoenix to Sedona, N. Rim and back to Phoenix is 706 miles.

    Phoneix to Sedona, N. Rim and back to Las Vegas is 620 miles.


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    Default Flagstaff

    If you don't mind paying more you could fly in or out of Flagstaff, AZ.

    Flagstaff, AZ, Sedona, N. Rim, Las Vegas 540 miles.


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