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    Default Cross Country Move(Anaheim, CA to Groton , CT)

    I am in the military and will be driving from Disneyland ,taking the family on a well deserved vacation after an overseas tour, to my new duty station in beautiful Groton, CT.
    I would like any suggestions as to what the best route would be. I plan on taking I-10 and stopping in Tempe, AZ for one night to visit my cousin at ASU then head north to Albuquerque to get onto I-40 then east to Reilgh, NC to get onto I-95 which would take me directly into Groton,CT.
    How many days should I give myself if I average 6 driving hours a day? Are there any attractions along the way that you would recommend?. Are there any tolls that I have to consider? Any resturants that I can't miss? Lodging?
    Thanks in advance for any tips/ advice you can offer.

  2. Default US60

    I recommend US60 from Tempe, through Globe and Showlow Arizona and on through Magdalena and Socorro, then using I-25 to get to I-40 at Albuquerque -- this section is a very scenic drive and one of my favorites.

    Your route is almost 3300 miles, and 48 hours of driving at normal highway speeds. You should allow 8 days if you only intend to drive 6 hours per day. If, on the other hand, you only want to be "on the road" 6 hours per day, including your stops and breaks, the trip will likely take you about 10.5 days instead.

    I'm a Phoenix resident -- if you like barbecue, there is a very fine barbecue establishment in Tempe -- try Honey Bear's barbecue at 5012 E Van Buren Street (Phoenix), just across and down the street from the Tempe Bridge. They also have a new location at 7670 S. Priest. Check them out at If, instead, you'd rather try something unique in Mexican cuisine, try La Parilla Suiza, Mexico City-style food with several locations in the Phoenix area. Excellent! One of their locations is at 1622 S. Stapley, in Mesa, AZ.


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