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    I'm beginning to plan for my 2005 vacation(s) now, and so far I have a couple of locales in mind. My trip times are pending a vacation schedule at my employer (we normally shut down for two weeks - that may not happen next year.)

    So right now I'm planning for a couple of separate vacation weeks, and one of the places I'm considering is eastern West Virginia, though none of this is set in stone. After driving through (for the first time in five years) this past Summer, I was again struck with the awesome natural beauty of the place.

    Anybody have any good intel on places to chow, sites to see, fun and interesting roads, etc? Good hiking information would be an asset, too.

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    I'll be watching this one with interest -- that's a part of the USA I know little about! One of the first things that come to mind is it might be a great place for railroading photos -- I'm thinking of the river valleys and trestles, etc! Bob

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    Default Gathering Info...

    Well, thus far I have found information on the natural wonders of the area, and it sounds like a great place for hiking (whenever I drive through, I think of that) as well as biking. It could also be a good place to meet some interesting people.

    I will definitely keep an eye out for something related to railroad and/or industrial developments in the area. I'm sure there is a lot related to the coal industry.

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    Default Thurman's Recent Field Report


    Gerald Thurman's <a href = "">recent Pittsburgh trip<a/>, included a brief visit to West Virginia.

    West Virginia is certainly one of the states that our own wanderings, to date, has been insufficient, so I will certainly be interested in what you find.


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    Default Doing more research!

    Well, it looks like I've got two weeks of vacation in a row this year --edit- maybe not...indecisive management! -edit--, so I'm more actively pursuing intel.

    In the meantime, I have found this interesting rail-related excursion:

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