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    Sam Cooper Guest

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    Hi I am planning on driving from LA to NC at the end of October with my wife. We are planning on a 7 day trip. We are planning on leaving early morning and reaching Albuquerque,NM by night with a short stop at the grand canyon. We are not sure about the next stop. We want to reach St. Louis by the third night. We plan on spending two days in Cincinnati to visit family then straight to Charlotte from there. If anyone can help us with the second stop it would be appriciated. thanks

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    If you can, I'd stay at Grand Canyon (or Flagstaff) the first night (even that much is a stretch), then the second night could easily fall around OKC.

    If you go all the way to ALB the first day (1) you won't have any time to spend at the Grand Canyon, and (2) the second day will get you so close to St Louis that it'd be "easier" just to do it in one long day -- if you plan a stop in between Flagstaff and St Louis, it'd result in two shorter days. Personally, I wouldn't do that unless there was some other reason for it (traveling with little kids, wanting to relax a little more, etc).

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    Sam Cooper Guest

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    thanx for the info Bob, the drive time from my place to the Grand Canyon is 7 hours. Since this will be the first day of driving, I thought it would be better if I left early morning and stopped at the grand canyon and continued on to Albaquerque. I am planning on leaving on the 22nd early morning. Is OKC worth visiting? I have looked through the AAA booklet and dont think it is wise to spend a night there. IF I spend the first night at Flagstaff, what other option do you suggest for the second night besides OKC? thanx in advance...sam

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    I don't understand your concern (?) -- I've stayed in OKC many times and have never had a problem. Is it because AAA thinks it is a "bad" area? If you get a room at a newer chain motel along the main highways, you will not likely have any problems whatsoever. I wouldn't give it a second thought.

    I have heard the memorial at the A. P. Murrah building is well-worth a visit, if you want to see something while you are there.

    At any rate, Amarillo, TX is a full day's drive from Flagstaff, or you could continue on to the Elk City/Clinton areas if you wanted to go a little farther down the road.

    To be honest, if I were doing this, I'd do less planning -- you know you want to be in St Louis by a certain time (and that will be easily accomplished in the time frame you've specified), so I'd go as far the first day as I was comfortable with. Depending on how much time you spend at the Canyon, you could make, Flagstaff, or maybe even Gallup or Grants or beyond. Then make your stop the 2nd day wherever you get to -- Joplin, maybe? That makes the rest of the drive into St Louis a shorter day. You won't have any trouble finding room at the inn, and lodging is available all along the I-40 corridor. Bob

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    Sam Cooper Guest

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    Bob, I didn't mean that OKC is "bad" or "unsafe". I just meant that I didnt want to stop there and visit because I thought there wasn't any tourist attractions worth seeing. I have passes to the Comfort Chain of motels. That is the main reason I am planning my trip out for each day so I can call the city ahead of time and book my room for that specific night. I have never driven through the south/midwest and therefore am clueless as to where to stop for seightseeing...

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    Well, that makes sense, then.

    I would plan for Gallup the first night, then Joplin or Springfield for the second night (you could make Albuquerque if you don't stop at the Canyon for any appreciable time).

    For ideas of what there is to do around Oklahoma City, (or the rest of the state, for that matter), check out and look at the section on cities.

    They have a "revitalized" downtown entertainment district called "Bricktown," a pretty good zoo (reportedly), and as I mentioned before, the OKC National Memorial has been recommended many times by others on this forum as a very moving thing to visit. There's lots of other ideas on the website as well. Good luck with the planning and I hope you enjoy the drive. Bob

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