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    I am planning on driving a small moving truck from NJ to Los Angeles in mid November, but this may be delayed until the end of the month. Most likely I am going to be driving alone. Although the purpose of the trip is to get out to CA within a reasonable amount of time without pushing myself past the limit of safety, I am also an amateur photographer and would probably want to stop along the way to take some pictures without spending the day at any particular site.

    Which route would you recommend which will provide the most scenic drive within sight of the highway?

    How about snow at this time of the year, should I stay south as much as possible, or is it still early in the year enough to travel the northern routes?

    I will greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide.


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    Default I-70 and the Colorado Rockies


    There are many, many posts about the different cross country routes on this forum. But for winter photography, it is hard to beat I-70. I would suggest using the search button on the top of the page and use Interstate 70 as the keyword for all topics.

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    Thanks so much, I'll search for threads about driving across the country. I just found this web site last night. It looks like there is plenty of good information in it.

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