We found this reall fun inn and wanted to share it with all you.

The Beach Stay in Rockaway, Oregon. We were completely taken with the quaint, old-fashioned look of the rooms, and I have to admit that the couple who owns it go all out. the rooms are neat and clean. Each room is individually decorated--ours had a full-length old bath tub with legs on it, each bed has a different comforter and doilies, etc. The people who own it, Gretchen and Michael, are really neat. He has worked for major motel chains for years and was instrumental in getting the complete customer service attitude in motels way back when. (It seems lost, right now, in a lot of places.) He and Gretchen want to make the Beach Stay a cozy, down-home, service oriented place to stay. They have only six units (I think), and the best news of all....they are the least expensive motel on the west coast at a beach, I'd bet money on it!

T & C and the cats