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    I want to plan a trip going from Columbus, OH to SF, CA when I return home next year from being deployed with the Army. I will have been gone about a year at that time and I would like to take about 2-3 weeks and hit all the interesting sites inbetween the two trips. If anyone can help me plan the trip or has any ideas of things I should stop and see, please let me know. Thanks

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    Default Rushing it?

    2-3 weeks is not a lot of time to hit "ALL" the interesting sites! puts it at 2,443 miles one-way (4 9-10 hr days) & that's just via straightforward I-80.


    1) I-90 across South Dakota / Wyoming --- seeing

    SOUTH DAKOTA: Badlands National Park,
    Mt. Rushmore,
    Crazy Horse Memorial,
    Custer State Park,
    Mammoth Site.

    Continue I-90 to Billings, Montana. See Custers Last Stand - Battle of Little Bighorn.

    Enter YELLOWSTONE National Park via "Beartooth Highway" #212. See Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.

    Then continue down to San Fran.
    Return trip via Las Vegas / Grand Canyon National Park.
    Return via I-40.

    Through Oklahoma City (see the bomb memorial),
    Memphis, Nashville, across Kentucky to home.

    If short on time, go straight across I-80, stop at the GOLDEN SPIKE (railroad historic site) near Brigham City, not far from Salt Lake City, UT.
    Then you could return via I-40 or I-90 as mentioned above.

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