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    Hi I plan to be going to Los Angeles for two weeks including driving time)during the summer next year. I will be going with three friends( we are all girls and are 18-19 years old) and we would want to try to avoid bad towns or cities on the way there.

    What would be the best route to take? And what would be the fastest way to go? What attractions should we stop and see?

    I looked on mapquest recently, but they don't always give you the fastest way, and it said that it would take 31 or 33 hours and some minutes to get there, and I believe that it would probably be the same amount or hopefully not longer to come back. Anyone have any ideas for snacks or just any types of food to have in the car? Thanks for your help.

  2. Default I-70 one way, I-40 the other!

    I'd use I-70 and I-15 one way, and use I-40/I-44 the other -- both are scenic and fairly quick. The time estimate is probably pretty close, and neither one is significantly longer than the other. Be sure to stop in Kansas City for barbeque!

    The absolute BEST road eats ever is regular ol' corn-nuts. Of course, I'm a guy with teeth like Rocky the Squirrel, so maybe others have some better ideas on that for you. :)


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    Default I agree (on roads, not corn-nuts!!)

    I agree to use differing routes each way for more "adventure".

    Be sure to stop at the GRAND CANYON for a day. You can't go all that way & not see something like that! From there, continue 5 hrs to LAS VEGAS for a day (no, no - not to spend money, just to take a drive down "the strip" & see the extravagance & lights). Then another 4 hrs (plus traffic delays) to LOS ANGELES.

    No matter how you cut it, it is going to take you at least THREE LONG driving days each way (share the driving to keep going). Probably will take 4-5 days depending how many places you stop to see.

    You will be crossing the desert. Be sure to keep your gas tank filled. There are some long stretches between towns. Be sure to have lots of drinking water with you. Take a small cooler. Pick up small quantities of fresh fruit, deli meat, bagels day-by-day at grocery stores.

    Good ideas to cut restaurant costs: Bring those little 8-pack cereal boxes that you cut open & pour milk right into the box. Bring some plastic disposable spoons with you. Buy a small container of milk enroute when needed.

    Bring nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, snack crackers, juice boxes, water bottles. Personally, I find the less you eat while driving, the more alert you stay.

    Check out staying in hostels along the way. Cheap clean dorm-room style bunkbeds. and just do a search for USA hostels. Lots of websites & info.

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