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    Default Las Vegas to Boulder

    I'm going to be driving from Las Vegas to Boulder to visit my sister over spring break (March 15th) and was wondering on the best route. My Mom hates narrow mountain roads, so I'd have to stick to wider but probably less scenic routes. We want to stop at Bryce and Zion, will they be open this time of year? and where would be a good place to stay the night as we don't really intend to do the whole drive in one day. I've been told it's about 11hrs, is this a good estimate or should we allow longer than two days? If anyone can recommend other places to visit that would be awesome
    Thanks for any help
    Cass xx

  2. Default The Easy Way

    You can take I-15 and I-70, and it's hard to beat the scenery on those routes. Zion and Bryce will be accessible in March, you could re-route to US89 at St George UT long enough to see those two parks -- the route will be easily apparent when you look at a map. If you'd prefer to take federal two-lane highways, you could use US93 north to US50, take that to Delta UT, then US6 into Provo, US189 to US40, US40 across the rest of UT and CO. When you get to Granby, you can either go north through Rocky Mountain National Park on US34 (looping back down to Boulder using I-25), or stay on US40, going south to I-70 and get to Boulder through Denver. Federal highways are generally not "narrow," but they can be twisty and have drop-offs on the side -- so particularly in Colorado, you might prefer the Interstate route. Along the Interstate route, you could also spend some quality time with the hot springs resorts at Glenwood Springs. Arches National Park (and Canyonlands) are also nearby, and March would be a glorious time to see them. Bob

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    Default Another Hot Spring Resort

    Just to the west of Denver along I-70 at <a href = "">Indian Springs<a/> is an old-style hot springs resort. It was a favorite hangout of Jesse James and the old hotel makes for a fun over-night stop as you head to Boulder.


  4. Default Temptation

    I don't know about you, but I'm ready to go NOW!

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    Default Denver to Las Vegas in December

    I'm moving to Las Vegas 12/29/04. I have a 17-foot moving truck with my Jeep on a tow carrier. I don't want to go
    I-70 to I-15. I want to go I-25 to I-40 then 93. Does anyone know what the road conditions are like in New Mexico and Arizona at this time of year. I know it will add extra miles and time to the trip but I do not want to drive in the Colorado and Utah mountains this time of year especially with a moving truck. I've heard Raton Pass can get hairy, but it's nothing like the Colorado mountains. Please advise. Thank you.


  6. Default Six of one, half dozen of the other!

    I hate to disagree, but I've driven the "Colorado mountains" when NOTHING else was passable -- either I-70 or I-25. The reality is, though, that if the weather and/or road condition is bad on I-70, then it may easily be just as bad on I-25 or on US160 (or other). My point is that some storms are "local," while others spread themselves across vast areas.

    Keep your options open -- and see what is happening when it is time to go. Chances are, your choice of I-25 to I-40 to US93 will be fine -- and it is also a very pretty route. Bob

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