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    Default 4x4 Dune Driving

    My friend plans on breaking in his Toyota 4x4 truck he just bought, and we plan on doing some 4x4 driving in sand dunes. We know of the Oceano Dunes in Pismo Beach, but we're looking closer more towards for Northern California. Any ideas? Oh, this road trip will be off-road oriented. We plan on a couple of days.

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    I don't know of any dunes up in Northern Cal, because most of the sand is down here in SoCal, but theres a pretty good book of dirt roads called "Backroads of Northern California" I have the Southern California edition, I really like it. It's geared more torward stock SUV's so the trails aren't extremely difficult, but still fun. The southern California edition covers the whole area almost up to Monterey, so you might want to look at that book too.

    If you have a couple days, you could always drive down to Glamis.

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