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    Default San Diego to Sacramento (mid October)

    Hello all! We're actually driving from Sacramento to San Diego overnight, so we won't miss much driving straight shot on I-5. I'm actually looking for suggestions driving from San Diego to Sacramento. This will be over the course of the day. We wanted to take a side trip going through Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, and then driving home. Would there be enough time going up Highway 1 through San Simeon, Big Sur, & Monterey, and then going home to Sacramento? Thanks in advance.

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    Default How long a day did you have in mind?

    Now, that would be a LONG day in the saddle.

    Highway One is not a fast route. I can't really imagine doing it in one day -- because I like to stop and explore the beaches, cafes, cliffs, etc. But if you were to drive, at a reasonable rate of speed and make quick stops at Santa Barbara, SLO and still do the Big Sur drive -- it would require, at the barest minimum, about fifteen hours of driving.


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