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    Default Louisville, KY to Pittsburgh, PA

    I am looking to drive from Louisville, KY to Pittsburgh, Pa without using highways with exception to getting out of the cities. Does anyone have any good routes to take? I am a sucker for fall foliage and will probably drive towards WV and then straight north into PA.

  2. Default Huh?

    What do you mean, no "highways?" Technically, you can't get from one town to another without getting on a "highway!" Are you trying to say "no interstates?" Or do you mean only backroads, like county roads or other non-primary roads? Bob

  3. Default Here's one option...

    Using mostly federal highways, but no interstates.

    Try US60 over through Shelbyville and Frankfort, US460 to Mount Sterling, pick up US60 again there to Ashland, cross the river into OH and get onto US52 to follow onto SR7. Follow SR7 all the way up the river to US50 near Coolville, OH, then US50 to Clarksburg. Follow US19 and US119 up to Uniontown, then SR51 into Pittsburgh. This is 501 miles, and about 10 hours of drive-time if the roads are good and the traffic light. There should be plenty of fall color along the way. Take me with you. Please. Bob



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