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    Default NYC To California

    Hi, I am in the Coast guard being reassigned to Petaluma, CA. I was going to fly over, but have recently decided that I am going to take my first road trip and head there by car. I have 5-7 days to get there (550 miles a day??) and i am thinking of taking an extra 3 or 4 days Leave so that i can see a little bit more. If anyone has any ideas of how I should go about driving this, what roads i should take, all that good stuff, that would be great. Id love some suggestions on what to see, im not much of a history guy, museums, oregon trail; not really into that, but i love scenery and more upbeat people happening things. Suggestions would be great. Im looking for some company too, i cant be around noone for that long. Thanks, -=Shane

  2. Default A nightlife tour

    How about a route designed to take advantage of several cities with great nightlife. Now, I'm no expert on nightlife (I'm old, so I go to bed early...), but I'd GUESS a route through the following cities might get the job done. Try Nashville or Atlanta, then New Orleans, Austin (TX) and Los Angeles before heading north to Petaluma, or another option would be go north a bit to Santa Fe and check that out, taking a more northerly route across NM and AZ and maybe including Las Vegas as well! This would result in some daytime down-time while you wait for the night people to come out, so if you don't have enough time to do all of them, just pick a few! Bob

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