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    Default 1st time road tripper

    Could someone tell me if i am asking to much to get to Grand Canyon and back to Las Vegas in 6 days. I am looking at doing this in mid-november with a young family on a trip from London to Sydney via Las Vegas and San Francisco. I am also planning to drive from Vegas to San Francisco via Yosemite in 5 days. any tips would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Both journeys can be easily accomplished in the times you require. From Las Vegas to the South Rim Village can be done in as little as 5 hours via Kingman, AZ and I-40. If you make a loop through Zion Canyon and some of the southern Utah parks, it takes longer, but is well-worth the extra miles for the scenic value.

    Might I also suggest you visit Flagstaff, AZ along your way -- stop and see the Lowell Observatory (on Mars Hill above the downtown), and the Riordan Mansion State Park (in Flagstaff near the university campus). It's a turn of the 20th Century lumberman's home -- probably the swankest "log cabin" you'll ever see! Park rangers lead guided tours and explain life in territorial Arizona. If you are interested in Arizona's Indian history, you might see Wupatki Natl Monument (on US89 north of Flagstaff), or Walnut Canyon (just outside Flagstaff). Either one of these will provide a glimpse of what life was like in Arizona about 1000 years ago. If you go to Wupatki, be sure to ask about and check out the "blowhole." It's subterranean air conditioning -- warm in winter, cool in summer!

    Las Vegas to SFO is a long day's drive, but it can be done and of course you'll want to spend part of your extra time at Yosemite; I'd suggest a couple of days.

    If you want more information on any of these, give a yell. Bob

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    Default I agree

    I agree with Bob. Unless you've got some big hikes to the bottom planned at Grand Canyon -- 6 days could also include ZION & BRYCE perhaps in southern Utah.

    You're too close to miss them!

    Be sure to make reservations NOW. Often booked a year in advance in these areas.

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    Default One Trip?

    I guess I read the question different than the others. My take on the questions is can you go from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, then back to Las Vegas, thought Yosemite to San Francisco in November.

    The answer is NO to one part. Tioga Pass will be closed because of snow at that time of the year. You can take I-15, Hwy 58 to Bakersfield, Hwy 99 to Fresno and drive into Yosemite on Hwy 41.

    Can this all be done in 6 days. Day 1, drive from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon. Day 2, visit Grand Canyon. Day 3 Drive back to Las Vegas (you can save some miles by skipping Las Vegas and going though Needles, CA and spending the night either in Bakersfield or Fresno) Day 4 drive to Yosemite. Day 5 tour Yosemite, Day 6 drive to San Francisco.


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    Thanks for the advice. It is two trips seperated by a couple of nights in Las Vegas.

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    Thanks for the advice, so far this has given me confidence that i'm not taking too much on. utahtea, It is two trips seperated by a couple of nights in Las Vegas.

  7. Default Tioga Pass

    The Tioga Pass road is probably the most convenient route into Yosemite from Las Vegas, from US395 at Lee Vining, CA. It's certainly the most spectacular, in my opinion. However, Utahtea is correct in pointing out that it will likely be closed for winter by the time you get there (Great catch, Utahtea!). Over the last few decades, the average annual closing date (which varies year to year) has been October 31st -- although the road is sometimes open into November, you won't be able to count on that, and the odds are against it. I'd figure on going another way, and Utahtea's choice is as good as any! Bob

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