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    Default from Wi to LA- which way to go?

    Hi- we are relocating from Wi to La in early Oct. We are trying to decide which way to go to get there. Hubby wants to go through Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah thru Vegas to LA. I have a thing about driving through the mountains ( steep inclines, drop off nest to the road) I want to go thru Iowa, Kansas, Okl, New Mexico, Az, to LA. I have driving this route to Phoenix and know the mountains this way don't bother me much. Butit would add a day to our trip. We are not looking to sight-see, just get there. And we will be travelling with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat.
    So has anyone driven hubbys route? He says its really not that bad, no worse than NM. ( speaking of which we go south through Albuequere, las cruces, tuscon etc..)
    How are the mountains? Any tips I should know? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks-

  2. Default Interstates

    If you stick to the interstate system on either route, you'll have little reason for concern. I don't think your husband's choice is any more "mountainous" than the southern route you mention. The grades are no more than moderate on either option. Bob

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