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    Just finished a 39 day roadtrip. I am looking for an electronic integrated way to show my route, photos and journal entries. I highlighted my route in the paper atlas I took. I would like to make an electronic version of the map and add pins with links to photos or notes for that stop. I bought MS S&T after reading the reviews but it is not much help in recreating the not-so-direct route we took. The only way I have found to make it mark the roads we took is to add a stop on that road even if we did not stop. The false stop is then part of the map.

    Anyone ever attempt an e-journal like this. Is there othe software that will do this better?


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    Default We are building one

    Although we can't help today, RoadTrip America is building such a tool. I have given up predicting when we will have it online though...


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    Default streets and trips

    The thing with streets and trips is, to make the not so direct route, you do have to add some names of towns along your route, and it will match up, the other thing you can do is route it manually, using the highlighting tool and pushpins. Every time I ask for a route between Wenatchee, Washington and Mesa, Arizona, it routes me through Utah (when I took a more "direct" route, south through california (for me, I took that route because I have been on it before and know what services and about how far in between the services are, the other route was completely new.) Anyway, thats the jist on S&T, but lets see what our buddies here at RTA pull out of thier hats! (I expect it to be cool).

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