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Thread: AZ Road Trip

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    Steve Berger Guest

    Default suggestions for places of interest in / around AZ

    New to the forum and I appreciate any help! My family (2 adults, one eleven year old girl) is planning a 10 day road trip in AZ in late December. We know we want to see the Grand Canyon, other major parks, "ghost towns", etc. We plan to start/end in Phoenix (already have the flights). I searched but could not find a suggested itinerary or summary of recommended places to go and things to do...if there one? If not, can folks recommend "no miss" places to see, stay, times to allot to specific locals, etc? Appreciate your help! Take care...

  2. Default Use the search function!

    At the top of the forum page, there is a search function -- if you'll plug in "Arizona" you'll come up with literally dozens of suggestions. Also try "Jerome," and "Flagstaff" or "Grand Canyon." Take a look, then you'll have more specific questions, so post again and we'll help you plan your adventure. Happy hunting! Bob

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