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    Julie Bulow-Nielsen Guest

    Default Grand Cherokee for sale!!!

    Hello everybody.

    I am a 20 year old girl from Denmark. My friend and I have just finished a 3 month road trip from LA to NY. We purchased a Grand Cherokee 1996 in LA in April, but due to the unfortnuate fact that we don't know any people in New York, we are having a difficult time selling it. It has driven around 90.000 miles and still drives perfectly. It has a couple of dents to the front due to an incident in June, but has no significance for the driving of the car. We are getting rather desperate and are willing to sell it for $2500. Write me with any questions.

    Sincerely Julie

  2. Default Good price

    Good luck on the sale Julie -- $2,500 is apparently a good price for that vehicle, although value can vary widely depending on condition. If you don't get too many offers, or one that results in a sale, you might consider trying to sell to a dealer. They typically give you something less than wholesale less any costs to bring the vehicle into a saleable condition, but at $2,500, you may not be too far away from that number already. Note that body damage may result in a big hit on value (a reduction), as will major needs like brakes or tires. Bob

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