For our honeymoon next year, we'e planning to come visit your amazing country. To give you an idea, we will be starting in NY (3nts) before flying over to San Fran (4nts). From here we pick up our hire car and visit the many national parks (??nts - any ideas). From there, we hope to end up in Las Vegas (4nts)and then maybe see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. If we have'nt missed anything out (???) we'll then cross Death Valley heading for the beaches of LA (which ones?) and to do the whole LA thing. Once this is done we will then head south on the coast roads to take in some more beaches of san Diego. Now - my question is (amoung others).... is Death Valley the best route from Nevada to LA, is it safe in the July temperatures or have I got it all wrong and you can suggest a better route there??
Your input on that or any other area of our trip will be very much appreciated. Dates will be from end of June to mid/late July spanning nearly 4 weeks.