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    Bob Collins Guest

    Default Big Sur

    I am planning to drive down the Coast road from San Francisco to San Diego. To check out the scenery.
    How long will this take and what is the best route around LA

    Where is the best place to stop (Hotel) for a night along the way

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    I'd plan on two days -- the drive can be done in one very long day, but I don't recommend it -- you wouldn't have time to stop anywhere and this is a road that demands stopping frequently. The views are awe-inspiring.

    For your route, I usually take US101 into LA, then I-405 to I-5 and on to San Diego. It works, but the traffic can be heavy and collisions frequently snarl things up, but you may get lucky. LA driving is not for the timid -- you must make your place in traffic and hold on to it. But if you can drive in London, you can drive anywhere!

    Perhaps LA Native or some other LA expert will have other, better suggestions. Bob

  3. Default Deetjens Big Sur Inn

    Deetjens Big Sur Inn --

    DON'T miss eating there -- breakfast or dinner -- The food is DELICIOUS, atmosphere is charming, dress is informal, and SERVICE is SUPERB. Been there several times -- WISH -- it was CLOSER to home :( ENJOY!
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  4. Default Deetjen's

    PS -- you can also STAY there if you get lucky ;) [ pretty well booked most of the time ]

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    imported_Kristen Guest

    Default amazing views

    I lived in california last summer and I have to highly recommend that you take route one if you have the opportunity. Big Sur is the most beautiful place i have ever seen, and even though i can't remember the exact city names, there is a castle about 100 miles or less south of big sur. you can tour the castle, for a small fee. Also, right on the beach there is a spot where sea elephants lay out in the sun all the time. they're amazing. right in the middle of big sur itself, there are campgrounds that you can stay in and camp close enough to the beach to hear the ocean while u sleep. Also, north of big sur, I'd recommend stopping in Monterey. Other than that, all i can suggest is Santa Cruz. it's not a very nice town itself, but it has a pretty cool boardwalk. I'm from Jersey, and that is the only other place i have ever been that resembles our shore points. Happy traveling!

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    Bob Collins Guest

    Default Big Sur

    Thanks to all who replied
    we fly tomorrow

  7. Default Hearst Castle

    If you go there, be prepared, it's QUITE a sight and QUITE a LOT of walking to see -- but WORTH the effort ;)

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    imported_Will Guest

    Default Hearst Castle

    The castle you're talking about is the Hearst Castle in San Simeon. I've been there as a child and that was almost 30 years ago - don't remember much. All I remember is my Mom telling me we're going to heaven. What we were really doing was driving through the top layer of fog to get up the hill! =) I recently visited Santa Cruz, and it's not that bad. Just avoid the streets near the Boardwalk. Santa Cruz police says tourists have been known to get carjacked or get their cars vandalized driving through the neighborhood, and this was when we got pulled over for ignoring a "No turn on red" sign.

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