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    We have to drive from Chandler, AZ to Hillsboro, OR. What is the best route? What are some good stops/sites to do with kids ages 6, 3 and 2 months!!??!!

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    Do you want a scenic (but slower) route, or do you want to get there quick? With three wee bairns in the motorcar, I suspect it is the latter... :)

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    Quick but easy!! LOL If there is such a thing!

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    The fastest route is I-10 to LA, then I-5 to Portland. You can shave some time by bypassing the LA area, but in general this is the fastest route.

    My suggestion is to either go directly north through Utah on US89/I-15, spend a day exploring the southern Utah state and national parks, add in a quick look around downtown Salt Lake City (you can search for SLC attractions if you want to take in some local culture or history sites); then see Promontory Point (near Salt Lake)on your way out of town -- get onto I-84 and take it to Portland. With a day in the parks, you can do this in 4 days plus whatever time you spend in the other places; OR

    Go northwest to Las Vegas and beyond on US93 and US95, cross over into California to US395 at Big Pine (the road from Lida Junction in Nevada to Big Pine is beautiful -- NV266 & CA168), follow US395 and other highways of your choosing (US97?) north through central Oregon, picking up I-5 at Albany and take that into Portland to Hillsboro. Straight driving, this route can be done in 2 to 3 days, but taking it easy with kids, again, an easy route in 4 days and the scenery is awesome, IMO. Also on this route, you could see Crater Lake, which alone is worth the trip! Happy planning! Bob

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    Thank you much!!!!!!!


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