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    Default First Road Trip: ME to CA and back

    Hi. I'm planning on taking a minivan across the country with my 2 Shelties this winter. I'm doing a sort of artistic walkabout. I'm a stained glass artist. Sometimes I see people traveling taking photos or painting or something like that but I've never seen anyone making stained glass windows in a parking lot along the side of the road.... I don't have a fixed schedule but I do have 2 weeks I want to spend in California in late December. Anyone have any advice? I definitely want to keep south and out of the big snow storms but other than that I'm open to thoughts. Also, any ideas on how to cut costs or make extra cash along the way is always welcome. I'd like to make a website tracking my progress and having updates and videos along the way. Ugh! only 4 months to make this happen!!!!!

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    Default Wow!

    it seems like a pretty cool trip you're planning:-) I'm jealous actually:-) I completely understand when you say you want to get out of snow storms, I sure know what you're talking about:-P (yuck!). I-80 would've been a great way to reach San Francisco, it is gorgeous, but unfortunately, if you want to avoid snow, I don't think it's the greatest idea...:-) If you don't want to take the same route twice, maybe you should consider the former route 66 (I-44 and I-40) to go (OKC, Alburquerque (NM), Flagstaff(AZ), LA)and come back by I-10 (the Southern route : Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Alabama, ...). It's a suggestion, maybe others have ideas. I heard highway 1 along the California Pacific coast offers absolutely delightful views.

    If you have plenty of time, don't stick to big interstates : take highways and even dirt roads, you'll probably discover a lot of great sceneries, people, restaurants, ... I'm sure Bob (a moderator on this site) would have many ideas on backroads and places to visit in the Southwest. For my part, I never been to CA, but my favourite states so far are AZ (definitly), NM and Utah, it is so much different from what we know here in the north east, simply beautiful.

    For a free photo site where you could post your pictures daily, go to For the videos, I don't have a clue unfortunately, I'm sure others can help. Don't forget to post your Url on the forum or even a roadtrip report, I'm sure many people here would be interested to hear about your artwork and about your roadtrip pictures and experiences.

    For tips on saving on lodging, check out "Lodging for the budget traveler" in the Gear Up section of the forum, you have it all, and since you're driving in a minivan, you'll find plenty of information on places to sleep in your car.

    Have a great trip and let us know how it went!

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    Default you have a van?

    you could go real cheep,if ya wanted to. we went from here(NY)to iowa,then north to mich/canada then to vt.maine,then NH,into mass. then back here. slept in our honda element with 2 dogs,and all our food/water/gear. cramped,you bet.cheep? yep.other than fueli dont think we spent a thousand$. i dont know. we just stopped when the mood fit.sometimes wed drive for 2 hrs,then camp for the night. others,(we kinda needed to be near water for the dogs to cool off)id drive untill we found water.9 or 10PM.had a blast,spent time with my fiance',and the dogs.time to read,listen to music(love NPR in the woods,no idea why.hahaha)eat over a fire(always good)listen to wolves,coyotes,loons,and other critters that make a racket..heh heh heh

    well,good luck with your trip.
    OH! we did have maine lobster when we got to was so so. sigh

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