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    Default Route Planning Software/Webpage - Triptiks?

    I'm planning a trip from South Carolina to Idaho and then to the Detroit, MI area. My question is what sort of software or webpage planner do people like. I'm planning on some interstate driving, some back roads, some camping, some hotels, some friends houses and several side trips. I'm hoping to make sort of a comprehsneive guide (like the triptiks I used to get at AAA) that I can take with me. Any thoughts? Sure do appreciate your help
    Thanks, Susan

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    Check out the information on these trip planning programs <a href = "">here<a/>.


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    You can order free tourist info from each state by finding their website, you can do a search over the net with key words like order, free, brochures, guides, tourist, USA, state, ... Usually you just have to fill out your personal info and they will send complete guides and maps to you within 2 weeks. You can go to this site to pick up information and get you started:

    You can order a lot of free hotel/motel directories by going to the websites of the big chains like Motel 6, Super 8, Econo Lodge, Howard Johnson, Best Western, Budget Host Inn, ... Look out for youth hostel, YMCA/YWCA and university residence accomodation and print all interesting info. You can ask an AAA member to order a Triptik (or go to (driving directions) for you and a campgound directory with detailed maps and guides. You can also find camping directories over the internet and print them (KOA,, etc.).

    When you finish gathering all the information together, I suggest you put them in a binder or find a way to make them stick together and try to classify them by category or location.

    Don't forget to stop at each state's visitor center that you'll meet, they usually give great information and advice, they have all kinds of brochures (including discount/rebate coupons for hotels/motels/attractions) and you can even pick-up a free Coke, coffee or orange juice in some states. Usually, people who work there are locals and are really friendly, so it's the ideal opportunity to ask about the cheapest mom & pop motel and about the greatest fast food joint in town and about stuff you don't find in travel magazines.

    Have a great trip!



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