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    Rosie Tighe Guest

    Default Gettysburg-Virginia-Nashville-Memphis-HotSprings-Austin

    Looking for advice on breaking up this trip - this is what I've got so far. Stopping twice in Virginia and taking skyline drive and the blue ridge parkway. Two of the days include 8+ hours of driving (Roanoke-Nashville; Hot Springs-Austin). Is this feasible? Also, thoughts on sites and things to see, especiallg in the 2nd half of the trip.

    I've never been west of Appalachia, and I'm moving to Texas. HELP!!!

  2. Default Lynchburg

    Rosie, I'd stop at Lynchburg to see how Jack makes whiskey! Also, there's lots of historical places around Nashville along with all the country music attractions if you are interested in those. I can't tell you much about the road between Hot Springs and Austin in terms of attractions -- and I guess we don't have any posters on the board from that section of the country, but it looks like both stretches of road you asked about can be done easily in one day (both are 400-500 miles), although it doesn't leave time for much else. Best I can say is watch for interesting things along the way, and then come back here and be the EXPERT for us! Good luck and have a good trip! Bob

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