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    Default San Francisco to Pittsburgh

    Hi Everyone...
    I know this question has been asked thousands of time. But I want to know if my route the most efficient and fastest.

    Okay here is the deal: I'm leaving from San Francisco Cali and making a stop in Kansas City to see relatives and then off Pittsburgh, PA to start grad school. I am completely nervous about this drive. The route I have so far is through Nevada-Utah-Wyoming-Nebraska-Kansas. Then from Kansas-Missouire-Illinios-Idiana-Ohio-and then arriving Pittsburgh, PA.

    I am Wondering whats a reasonable about of hours that one can drive a day. One girl on here said she can drive 20, other people said 10. So if me and my friend aren't interested in seeing the sites or visiting the state, how many days/ hours would it take to get there. We only plan on seeing the family for a night.

    I also want to know how I should prepare/fix my car for this long ride.

    Thanks for your help, this website is awesome!

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    Default It really varies

    It's hard to tell you how long YOU and your friends can drive because everyone is different. I can drive 10-12-14 hours if needed in a day and enjoy the whole time. My husband goes a bit nuts after 3-4 hours even when I'm the one driving and he can read, sleep, whatever. After a day of driving like that, I can get up and do it again the next day, and the next. Some folks can only do it for 1 day and then are zonked the next. (Of course, I zonk out AFTER I get home from it all. LOL) Anyway, there is no way that anyone can advise you. You must have some sense of how long you can drive based on previous trips, right?

    MS Streets & Trips advises taking I-80 until just east of Lincoln, NE, where you will take I-29 to Kansas City. Then take I-70 to Pittsburgh. This is 2,660 miles and is estimated to be 42 hours of driving time. Hope that gives you some idea of how many hours of daily driving to attempt.

    As for car prep, it might need a tune-up and/or new tires before leaving. At the very least, change your oil and filter, make sure all other fluids are full, and that your tires are properly inflated. If you have any reason to believe that your brakes might be going bad, you might get them checked as well. Do a walk-around your car checking that all lights and signals are working properly and fix any that aren't.

    Don't be nervous. There's no reason to be. Of course, the best thing I take with me on a trip that relieves me of any worry is my AAA Card. Don't leave home without it, I say. I've never actually needed it but it's nice to know it's there.

    Have a great trip!

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