Hi Everyone...
I know this question has been asked thousands of time. But I want to know if my route the most efficient and fastest.

Okay here is the deal: I'm leaving from San Francisco Cali and making a stop in Kansas City to see relatives and then off Pittsburgh, PA to start grad school. I am completely nervous about this drive. The route I have so far is through Nevada-Utah-Wyoming-Nebraska-Kansas. Then from Kansas-Missouire-Illinios-Idiana-Ohio-and then arriving Pittsburgh, PA.

I am Wondering whats a reasonable about of hours that one can drive a day. One girl on here said she can drive 20, other people said 10. So if me and my friend aren't interested in seeing the sites or visiting the state, how many days/ hours would it take to get there. We only plan on seeing the family for a night.

I also want to know how I should prepare/fix my car for this long ride.

Thanks for your help, this website is awesome!