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    Default Grandkids family road trip Boston to Disney

    Need help... Please point me in the right direction and offer all the helpful advise you have time for.

    The grandparents (about 12 adults in all) are planning a family road trip with the grandchildren ages 2yrs to 12 (about 15 children in all).

    We are planning to rent an RV and travel from Boston to Disney, over a two week period; sometime next summer.

    We definitely want to do some sightseeing, on the way down and on the way back. Key cities and states that we know of so far are Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Philedelphia

    Note: we are first timers; thanks for any and all direction you can suggest to us.

    the Grandparents

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    PLEASE tell me you don't really mean ONE RV? :)

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    Kudos for such ambitious plans! Could be a great trip.

    If you are RV novices, I highly suggest renting one for a weekend excursion to ensure that you enjoy driving it, that you understand set-up/take-down, use of the systems, etc. You may find you hate driving it and this could have a real negative impact on your trip so find out before you go, OK?

    Also, if you're planning on traveling this way because you have always wanted to travel by RV, great. Go for it (after a test trip). But if you're doing it to save money, you may very well find that the cost of renting the RV is so significant that you would actually have a cheaper trip if you caravanned down in cars and stayed in inexpensive motels along the way (or did tent-camping). Also, since there is no RV that will haul 27 people, you will still need to take extra cars. Also, no RV will sleep 27 people either so you will need to rent extra sites for tents.

    Since you will likely have several vehicles driving together (whether you rent an RV or not), I would suggest getting FRS radios to communicate with each other. These would be helpful in WDW as well. In addition to communicating directions and other pertinent info, the banter back-and-forth while traveling along can be a hoot!

    As for sites, I've not had the pleasure of road-tripping the eastern coast so I'm not much help there.

    I hope it works out for you.

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    Default Thanks for the replies so far

    Okay, No, we are all not ( I repeat NOT) planning on fitting into one RV, probably more like 2 or 3 rv's and some families already have mini vans.

    But thanks again for the replies so far, keep them coming.

    I am very interested to get information about sightseeing along the way.

    P.S. I will be sure to take the suggestion of renting an RV for a test drive before the scheduled trip, great idea!!!

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